Class 4 License Course

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Class 4 Truck License Course

To Qualify for the Course:

  • Before you can undertake this course you must have held a FULL CLASS 2 LICENCE for at least six months (or 3 months if you are over 25 yrs)  then obtain a Class 4 Learner Licence.

Course Options: 2 Day Course

  • On your first day you will complete a logbook theory course and a written assessment (U.S. 24089).
  • On the second day you will do the class 4 theory and written assessment (U.S. 17574). Now all that is left is to book for a practical drive! Please be aware that the assessments are all closed book.

There are just 4 easy steps:

  1. Get a medical certificate from your Doctor.
  2. Go to the AA or VTNZ to get your Class 4 Learner Licence.
  3. Book with Mainland either via email or phone. Then attend our TRAINING & ASSESSMENT Course – At the end of the Course, once you are competent, we will issue you with a certificate.
  4. Take your PASS CERTIFICATE back to the AA or VTNZ and they will issue your FULL Class 4 Licence. (They will charge $39.80 for this).

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