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Class 2 Truck License Course

  • First to qualify for this course you must hold a Class 2 Learner Licence.
  • Enroll on our fast-tracking course this consists of one & half days of classroom theory then followed with a one & half hour practical assessment which you will do on a separate day.                           
  • We then issue you with a certificate which you take along to the AA and they will now put the full Class 2 onto your drivers licence.

How do I get my learners licence?

  • Obtain a medical certificate from your Doctor.
  • Contact us for your Class 2 Learner Licence Study Notes.
  • Head off to the AA with your medical certificate and they will give you a test consisting of 35 questions.  This is 25 Standard Road Code questions and 10 Truck questions. (you are only allowed two wrong answers).
  • If you get at least 33 questions right the AA will then issue you with a Class 2 learners licence.

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